Web Hosting Options

Web hosting is a process through which you can publish your website on the internet. People all across the world can then visit it through the World Wide Web. There are several ways that you can host your website on the internet.

Web hosting is facilitated by companies known as web hosts, which own servers for hosting websites. They allocate a part of their dedicated servers to you for your website. Some companies offer free web hosting. Others charge a sum of money for their service. This can be paid through various payment plans. But the upside is that you will get premium domains. Some web hosts also provide space to other servers for setting up their own data centers. Web administrators and website technicalities can also be looked up using the Domain Whois option.

The first step when launching a new website is domain name registration. You need to purchase a name or URL for your website which other people can type in order to open your website. There are many types of domain names. The first part is the main name of the website. Next come the Top Level Domains (TLD). These are the letters that come right after the period in a website, such as .com and .in.

TLDs also have sub-categories – ccTLD, sTLD, and gTLD. Country code TLDs identify a particular country, such as .nz or .uk. Sponsored TLDs are monitored by private organizations. Now, what is GTLD Name? It is the most commonly used type of domains extension. There are more freely available to use than other TLDs. Some examples are .com and .edu.

Nowadays, there are many cheap web hosting options available. For example, if you are based in Canada, there are many Canadian web hosting companies which offer cheap hosting solutions. Some of the most famous ones are justhost.com, HostGator, HostUpon, and FatCow. In addition to affordable prices, domains are also sold for free. The best USA web hosting services are provided by justhost.com, iPage, bluehost, and HostGator. These are among the cheapest services available. Many of these companies also provide cloud hosting services. These are even more advanced than basic physical servers.

Besides web hosting services, many providers also give you the option to make an email address using your website domain. There is unlimited bandwidth available to owners. The websites are also guaranteed to be safe and secure. The data that you store on the servers will also remain private. The user interface can, of course, be customized but the default interface is very simplistic and very easy to use.


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